In a bid to secure a coveted spot in the prestigious UEFA EURO 2024, Europe’s football giants have been clashing in a series of heart-throbbing qualifying matches. The recent fixtures saw intense competitions, some leading to joyful victories while others ending in nail-biting cliffhangers. Here’s a deep dive into some of these crucial encounters:

England vs Italy:

  • Score: England 3, Italy 1
    • Analysis: The match was reminiscent of the UEFA EURO 2020 final, but England turned the tables with a decisive 3-1 victory over Italy this time. Spearheaded by Harry Kane’s brace, the English squad showcased a stellar performance, depicting a perfect blend of defense and attack. Jude Bellingham also had a remarkable game, showcasing his budding talent on a grand stage. This victory avenged their defeat and secured England’s spot in EURO 2024​.

Spain vs Scotland:

  • Score: Spain 2, Scotland 0
    • Analysis: Despite the fervent hopes riding on Scotland, the experienced Spanish side displayed a superior game strategy. Alvaro Morata’s timely goal in the 73rd minute showcased Spain’s seasoned gameplay, securing a 2-0 win. Although played with grit, the Scottish side lacked the finishing finesse, resulting in their loss​.

Ireland vs Greece:

  • Score: Ireland 0, Greece 2
    • Analysis: Greece’s victory over Ireland blended strategic gameplay and seizing the moment. The goals from Giorgos Giakoumakis and Georgios Masouras were a testament to Greece’s offensive strength. On the flip side, Ireland’s defense could not thwart Greece’s advances, leading to a 2-0 loss which dashed their hopes for automatic qualification​.

Austria vs Belgium:

  • Score: Austria 2, Belgium 3
    • Analysis: In a high-octane encounter, Belgium, despite being reduced to ten men, displayed resilience and skill. The early lead established by Belgium helped them withstand a late surge by Austria, eventually winning the match 3-2. This victory exemplified Belgium’s strong team chemistry and ability to maintain composure under pressure​.

France vs Netherlands:

  • Score: France 2, Netherlands 1
    • Analysis: The match lived up to the hype, with France edging past Netherlands courtesy of a brace from Kylian Mbappé. His electrifying pace and clinical finishing were the highlights of the match. Despite putting up a spirited fight, Netherlands fell short against the French squad’s superior gameplay, marking a 2-1 victory for France and cementing their position in EURO 2024​.

Belgium vs Sweden:

  • Score: Belgium 1, Sweden 1
    • Analysis: The encounter between Belgium and Sweden was a dramatic one, to say the least. The match was suspended and later declared not to be replayed by UEFA due to a tragic incident in Brussels. Until the halt, both teams were neck-and-neck with a 1-1 score, showcasing a balanced performance. The draw, albeit under unfortunate circumstances, showcased the competitive spirit of both squads​.

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